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NANoREG project on Nanosafety: LEITAT hosts scientific meeting on exposure to nanomaterials

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the 31st of March, LEITAT hosted in its offices in Barcelona a scientific meeting of the NANoREG project. NANoREG aims to provide answers and solutions from existing data, complemented with new knowledge on manufactured nanomaterials (MNMs). Also, it develops a tool box of relevant instruments for risk assessment, characterisation, toxicity testing and exposure measurements of MNMs. In addition, the project develops, for the long term, new testing strategies adapted to innovation requirements. Last, NANoREG establishes a close collaboration among authorities, industry and science leading to efficient and practically applicable risk management approaches for MNMs and products containing MNMs.


The meeting involved partners working on the exposure of MNMs. Partners discussed the content of the upcoming deliverables and the results of the experimental work done so far. This includes measures done in a laboratory or industry regarding the release of cement. Another study on is being on regarding the air exposure of workers to carbon nano tubes (CNT). Last, regulatory question are being addressed in the project om order to formulate recommendations to the EC for the safe use of MNMs.

The innovative and economic potential of Manufactured Nanomaterials is threatened by limited understanding of MNM safety aspects along the value chains. Substantial efforts have given insights in toxicity of and exposure to MNMs. However, today’s knowledge is not comprehensive enough for regulatory purposes, answering open questions is urgently required. The outstanding approach of NANoREG will provide the right answers to Society, Industry and the National Regulation and Legislation Authorities.