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Preclinical and clinical studies applied nanovesicles (quatsomes) with EGF chronic venous ulcers

Objective: Pre-clinical studies and clinical trials for the application of nano vesicles of epidermal growth factor (EGF) by topical route to patients who present ulcers due to chronic venous insufficiency of long evolution to facilitate the epithelization and the closing of the ulcer.

Innovation: Development of an innovative vehicle carrying the active ingredient

Expected result: Progress in the clinical phase of development of the molecule to have a prototype to test.

Project Budget: 2’300’000 €

Financial Framework: RIS3CAT

Contract number: COMRDI15-1-0023-03

Start Date: 15/10/2016

End Date: 15/10/2019


Contact Manager: M. Gimenez

This project has received funding from the European Union through The European Regional Development Funds (ERDF). Aquest projecte ha estat cofinançat per la Unió Europea a través del Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional (FEDER).

Objectiu: Promoure el desenvolupament tecnològic, la innovació i una investigació de qualitat.