Meet us at the National Congress of Renewable Energies


An opportunity for the renewable sector. Meet our expert in renewable energies at the national congress. Click here to see the programme.

Renewable energies are already the first energy option in the world for new developments. Something that seemed far away a decade ago, when renewables were “the energy of the future,” is already a palpable reality. Renewable energies are our present. Spain faces the challenge of undertaking an energy transition that will allow it to have a diversified renewable mix that will lead us to reach not only the international objectives to mitigate climate change but also to reduce our energy dependence in an environment of controlled prices and, why not say, cheaper than many competing options more polluting.

We need to remember where we come from, not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Know that we must have stable, but flexible, scenarios so that regulatory stability and respect for the norm are the usual and not a utopia, so that we do not re-judicialize the sector. Allowing the necessary conditions to finance projects with high rates of leverage, not because they impose it as objectives from outside, but because we are convinced that by generating jobs, business development, rural employment fixation and commitment determined by the innovation and the future, renewables are a strategic bet for Spain.

The technologies that have proven to be possible, such as photovoltaic or wind power with cost reductions of 85% and 66% in 7 years, respectively, have to lead the way. And past experiences, hasty developments, retroactive normative changes … must be learning so that this new stage that renewable energies have before them begins with good footing.