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LEITAT on TV3! Microplastics, from the clothes to the sea

The famous TV show from Catalan TV3 Quèquicom came to LEITAT to learn about the effects of microplastics present in our clothes on the environment. After various days of interviews and filming, the TV report has finally been published and is now freely available online. We take the occasion to thank the entire Quèquicom team.


Click here to watch the video!


LEITAT has gained knowledge the field of microplastics thanks its participation in large European research projects such as MERMAIDS and COMMON SENSE aiming to learn more about the release and effects of microplastics in the sea.


Quèquicom aims to provide viewers with the basic knowledge to understand the nature and scientific-technical aspects of this society and, at the same time, to facilitate the communication of scientists with the citizens. In short, Quèquicom arise curiosity towards science as a way of interpreting reality and to understand it better.