Health technologies

Leitat is Institutional Partner for HEALTHIO: visit our interactive space

HEALTHIO will take place from 3-5 May 2017 in Barcelona in Montjuïc Venue. HEALTHIO is a fresh, dynamic and interactive event with activities organized by specific areas for innovation in healthcare. LEITAT is an institutional partner of this unique event and will have a interactive space to present its activities in the field of health. We will see you there!


HEALTHIO is an interactive event with activities around the innovation in healthcare:

  • Solutions to today’s health needs through the Latest Innovations
  • Real feedback for the innovators and creators of new technologies
  • Worldwide coverage in traditional and digital media
  • Participants from all areas and positions of healthcare
  • Opportunity for patients to take responsibility for their own health
  • Worldwide coverage in traditional and digital media


HEALTHIO is a genuinely interactive experience. It is an arena where participants see, try and experience innovations which are at the cutting edge of the future of healthcare.


Unique itineraries are designed for participants to engage with new solutions to today’s healthcare needs in order to let them test and experience the latest innovations in healthcare. Participants are guided along routes through the areas of the HEALTHIO arena according to their interests.


More information on HEALTHIO website.