Energy transition and decarbonization

Leitat hosts the 5th GA of CONNECT Project

On the 23rd and 24th of October, the consortium of the CONNECT project met in the headquarters of Leitat for their 5th GA assembly. During this event, partners discussed current issues related to the different work packages, with a focus on system aspects, use cases and test sites.

CONNECT aims to provide concepts, technologies and components that support enhanced integration of renewables and storage combined with intelligent management of the energy flow and thus allows to reduce the demand for primary energy, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and facilitates a decentralized energy infrastructure.

  • Objective A1: to design DC-Dc and AC-DC power converters with improved efficiency and reduced power consumption.
  • Objective A2: to develop converters that optimally control and coordinate the reactive power output of inverter-interfaced distributed generators and distributed storage units.
  • Objective B1: to reduce the power demand by providing consumption/generation data to the users, by developing advanced smart metering and sensing approaches.
  • Objective B2: to reduce the peak demand through efficient energy management schemes that target to achieve optimal load scheduling through building cooperation, and through DC micro-grids.
  • Objective C1: to increase smart grid current measurement performance, by developing high-efficient and low-power consumption sensors.
  • Objective C2: to increase the performance of smart grid communications by developing zero-power stand-by consumption wakeup receivers and high data rate power-line communications.
  • Objective C3: to introduce advanced security measures for smart grid communications with advanced hardware- and software-based features.