KET4CP Project: Call for Micro Grants Proposals Officially Launched!


KET4CleanProduction is a coordination and support action (CSA) funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. The project fosters the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and related key enabling technologies (KETs) by small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to upgrade their production processes towards resource- and energy efficiency. To support this goal, the project aims to create an open innovation ecosystem with a one-stop-shop web platform and has an open call for proposals for financial support (€ 50,000 per SME) to

  • facilitate the access of manufacturing SMEs to technology services and facilities for clean production innovation and
  • enable cross-border cooperation with two international KET Technology Centres in clean production.

The call is open to all SMEs located in one of the EU member states or H2020 associated countries[1]. Applicant SMEs must be active in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing comprises the physical or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products. This includes many different sectors ranging from machinery and equipment to automotive, chemical industry, medical, healthcare, transportation, food etc. (all activities included in NACE Section D[2]).
A cross-border project requires one SME and two KET Technology Centres from at least two different EU member states.

The types of activities that qualify for receiving financial support have to focus on the integration of advanced manufacturing technologies and combination with multi-KETs seeking one or several of the following clean production objectives:

  • the development of new production processes;
  • the improvement of the manufacturing of existing products by reducing production costs;
  • the improvement of the manufacturing of existing products by reducing the reliance on raw materials
  • the improvement of the manufacturing of existing products and by reducing the consumption of energy during the whole life cycle of products;
  • the diminution of the adverse impacts on the environment by reducing the generation of waste and pollution emission.

A micro grant proposal form can be submitted at any time while the call for proposals is open or until the maximum funding capacity of the project is reached. Proposals are evaluated by an external evaluation board every three months, at distinct cut-off dates, with the first one being on 31st July 2018. Proposals will be evaluated as submitted after each cut-off date: No additions or changes in the micro grant proposal will be considered after the submission. By accepting the micro grant, the applicant SME commits to providing an implementation report and feedback on the supported activities.

Applications should be made via https:/ following the steps described in the “Guide for Applicants“. The KET4CleanProduction consortium can be contacted via e-mail ( or the contact form.