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Industrial demonstration of alternative DWOR due to begin in the next months!

MIDWOR-LIFE is already working with the six companies that will participate in the industrial demonstration of the alternative DWOR products that have been selected together with them for five different applications, namely workwear, upholstery, fashion, automotive carpets and sportswear.

Textile researcher Marolda Brouta (LEITAT) comments on the lab demonstration results: “The most interesting result is the very good water and oil repellency demonstrated by perfluorosilicone product, before and after ageing, and with highest values than C8 chemistry. Perfluorosilicone combines a soil release and water and oil repellency property. Moreover, this technology includes the anchorage of the fluorocarbon chains to the substrate to improve the orientation of the fluorocarbon chains.

On the other hand, the Silicone product is highly effective on nonwovens but do not present oil repellency since its surface energy is higher than the surface energy of oil.”

Fluorocarbon-based chemistries and sol-gel are also discussed in the complete report available on the project’s website.