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HOUSEFUL project presents how the demo building in Sabadell is being refurbished

The housing sector is a major contributor to current global problems of resource depletion and climate change, representing one of the most important consuming sectors at EU level. Leitat is the scientific coordinator of the HOUSEFUL project, which was initiated in 2018 and its main goal is to develop and demonstrate an integrated system service composed of 11 circular solutions co-created by different stakeholders. In a new video uploaded on YouTube, Sergio Martinez Lozano presents the current state of the development activities. 

HOUSEFUL aims at a circular management of the efficient use of the water-based material and energy resources for all the stages of the project solutions that will be demonstrated in 4 demo buildings: 2 in Spain and 2 in Austria, adapting the concept to different scenarios, including in social housing buildings. One of them in Spain is in the city of Sabadell (Barcelona) and once it will be finished, they would like to demonstrate the real impact of this project whether in Spain and around Europe.  

The project will introduce solutions to become more resource efficient throughout the lifecycle of a building, considering an integrated circular approach where energy, materials, waste and water aspects are considered.

HOUSEFUL solutions will be evaluated from an environmental, economic andsocial point of view. 10 EU Follower buildings will be engaged with thesupport of a Collaborative Community of Housing Experts to replicate HOUSEFULresults and maximise the impact of the project.