HelloAI Summer School: A Summer School on Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Around twenty students were introduced to the application of AI in the healthcare practice.

The HelloAI Summer School, previously held in Budapest and Stockholm, was organized by Leitat, GE Healthcare and KTH with the support of EIT Health. Most of the attendees were trained in bioengineering and medicine, and came from several European countries. During the four days of the Summer School, the participants received instructions on biodesign thinking, team collaboration, clinical need identification, basic theoretical and practical use of AI, and entrepreneurship.

Artificial Intelligence might be a useful tool to solve some of the challenges of healthcare that originate from an increasing population, the growing prevalence of chronic diseases and a lack of healthcare professionals. Starting from that premise and anticipating the future, HelloAI aims to train the upcoming generation for the wide-spreading implementation of AI.

Students alternated hours of teamwork, during which they designed and developed a project idea, with lessons taught by professionals of the field on aspects such as machine learning, biomedical applications of computer modelling, key issues to be solved to introduce AI in the clinical routine, ways to improve innovation in the health system, AI and bioethics, sports medicine and medical imaging, or good practices and success stories in the creation of start-ups. Participants also visited the Mare Nostrum, the most powerful supercomputer in Spain, placed in the Supercomputing Centre of Barcelona.

The training concluded with a public presentation of the projects developed by the teams and the pertinent closing comments conducted by Leitat’s staff, the institution in charge of the Summer School edition in Barcelona.

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