BIP: stimulate training, research, and technology transfer in the field of packaging


The Barcelona Institute of Packaging, BIP, was born as a proposal to stimulate training, research, and technology transfer in the field of packaging, within the framework of collaboration between the LEITAT and the IQS. The BIP counts with the support of several companies, professional associations, and the Catalonian Government via ACC1Ó. Without the aforementioned support, this project would have taken a much slower course to its realization.

The BIP may be considered as a result of previous endeavours carried out in Catalonia as a response to a long-time unattended request from all the sectors involved in the packaging value chain – from designers to product engineers, through materials and packaging manufacturers, to the end users: consumer good manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and light industry as a user of protective packaging.

BIP’s main goal is to provide the necessary support and help for the success of all the R&D&I projects that may be generated in the whole value chain of the companies involved. The needs are many, considering the dimension and importance that this group of companies represents within the Catalonian and Spanish economy.

Our packaging companies – ranging from packaging manufacturers to manufacturers of filling processes, packing, packaging, and machinery- have had an international scope for years, becoming significant worldwide suppliers. Undoubtedly, they are packaging companies that have demonstrated a high technological standard and innovating spirit, in many instances as pioneers in their own fields of expertise.

Catalonia in particular has been the source and destination of many consumer goods and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies – from the food industry, perfumery, and cosmetics to household cleaning products – areas within which containers and their associated processes are specially relevant.

We are also an international reference point in Packaging due to the Hispack and Graphispag trade fairs that are held at the Fira de Barcelona.

Due to all the aforesaid, the institute starts from a privileged position within a very competitive industrial fabric. BIP has at its disposal the state of the art know-how needed to offer the suitable services for fulfilling this much-anticipated response of excellence, while dealing with an increasingly globalized market environment.