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18M meeting of RUN4LIFE project in Barcelona: Nutrients for Low Impact Fertilizers

On the 21st and 22nd of November, the 18 month meeting of the RUN4LIFE project took place in Barcelona and was hosted by Leitat.  The project is currently finishing its first reporting period and has already made good progress in the development of alternative strategies for improving nutrient recovery from domestic wastewater for use in agriculture. During the meeting, partners discusses the development stage of the various technologies on which the consortium is currently working. Also, the progress status at technical level of the demo sites was presented and discussed. The fertilizers already obtained at this moment are being evaluated and improved.

Run4Life proposes a radical new technological concept for wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery. It is based on source-separated collection of domestic wastewater and kitchen waste, with each flow receiving optimal treatment for resource recovery and subsequent safe reuse. Innovative nutrient recovery technologies are integrated with complementary fertilizer concepts to reduce environmental and health risks. The entire nutrient recovery value chain will be demonstrated to the end user.

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