LEITAT @ Kick-Off meeting of FP7-Project SMARTPRO



LEITAT with all the partners of the SMARTPRO project have met at the Amalia Hotel Athens in Athens (Greece) the 07th of May 2014 at the occasion of the project kick-off meeting.

The multidisciplinary consortium of the SmartPro project, untitled “Lightweight, flexible and smart protective clothing for law enforcement personnel”, lies in the development of lightweight and smart protective clothing, incorporating smart functionalities and designated for law enforcement authorities. SmartPro aims to develop optimized ballistic textiles (both woven and spacer knitted fabrics) and apply innovative surface treatments (e.g. shear thickening fluids, ceramic coatings) to improve their performance on an areal density basis. Thus fewer fabric layers will be required, which is expected to result in increased flexibility and reduced weight of the armour. Main parameters to consider also include the physiological comfort and ergonomic design. Additionally, smart functions, including positioning systems, will be integrated to further increase the efficiency of the body armour, eventually leading to reduced casualties. Finally, innovative solutions are proposed for the protection of vulnerable body parts other than the torso.



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