Improvement of the recycling polyester and leather tanning processes for products focused on the accomplishment of automotive recyclable upholstery

GREENUP project aims production and market implementation of environmentally friendly leather products and textiles materials for immediate applications in the automotive interior. This project offers new solutions for the design of new recycling processes for the production of 100% recycled upholstery.

Project Budget: 946'807 €

LEITAT Budget: 180'188 €

Financial Framework: CIP Eco-Innovation

Contract number: ECO/09/256111/SI2.579245

Start Date: 02/12/2010

End Date: 01/12/2013


Contact Manager: L. Valentin

The project leading to these results has received funding from the EACI by the Eco-Innovation programme under Grant Agreement ECO/09/256111/SI2.579245