BioExploration – Novel methodology for the Identification of Valuable Natural Products Derived from Mediterranean Flora

The Mediterranean area with its unique geology and climate is one of the world's major centers of plant diversity housing approximately 25,000 species, about half of which are endemic to the region. Over centuries, the local population has been using natural materials as medicines for the treatment of a number of diseases. The natural products sector, including herbal medicines, teas, cosmetics and perfumes, has become a fast growing industry worldwide. Considering that less than 1% of plants in the region have been scientifically studied and that 17% of Mediterranean plants are classified as endangered species, the Bio-Xplore project focuses on the identification of commercially valuable natural compounds derived from the flora of the Mediterranean area, with the final aim of protecting the natural resources while creating new sources for local industrial development and job opportunities.

Project Budget: 1'999'410 €

LEITAT Budget: 458'790 €

Financial Framework: ENPI

Contract number: 42/2831

Start Date: 25/10/2011

End Date: 24/07/2014


Contact Manager: R. de Sousa

Project funded by the European Union