About us

About Leitat

Leitat is a private technical institute with more than 110 years of experience in industrial innovation processes. We transform technological and scientific results into economic and competitive value for our clients and collaborating entities. Over 1500 customers benefit from our talent,  creativity and strong commitment. We bring knowledge and innovation to our customers through applied research and technical testing in the fields of chemistry, energy, environment, materials, engineering and life sciences. We rely upon our 330 highly skilled team members who deliver flexible solutions to face any industrial challenge.

Research and Development Projects

Leitat is very well established in the Spanish national and international R&D arena thanks to a continuous and committed participation in various funding schemes. Currently, the centre is participating in more than 70 large European research and innovation projects out of which around 30% are coordinated. Furthermore, Leitat takes part and works as a technology partner in several initiatives and knowledge platforms that demonstrate its reliability as a dynamic agent in technological transfer and innovation planning for businesses.

Our Departments

Applied Chemistry & Materials

It helps companies to innovate in their products and technological processes in the field of chemistry and materials. The Unit offers integral solutions to the entire value chain of the sector, from raw materials or ingredients, to the end of life of the product and recycling with applications in the field of transport, packaging, energy, environment, cosmetics, detergents and more.

Energy & Engineering

It operates in the fields of low carbon energy technologies and smart electronic and communication systems as well as robotics. It offers services up to the technological integration and product development.  Last, it has a special expertise in future transport and electro-mobility with competences in advanced materials for post-lithium ion battery and vehicle-to-x communications.

Circular Economy

It collaborates with industrial and research organizations that lead strategic innovation projects at European level, with the aim of creating sustainable value and meeting the changing demands of the global market. This unit offers services for the management of waste, air, water and soil with a strong expertise in biotechnologies and microbiology

Health & Biomedicine

It operates in fields like cancer therapy and diagnosis, skin biology including efficacy and safety, biotech and veterinary, nutrition, and musculoskeletal and metabolic disorders. Moreover, it developed technological platforms for monoclonal antibodies, biosensors, biogenomics, and bioenergetics. 2D and 3D in vitro and in vivo models with different applications.


Advanced Technology Services

It has a long-lasting experience in compliance verification including EN, ISO, UNE, and DIN standards. Its technical capacity relies in the characterisation of materials. It includes quality control, validation of prototypes, application of new technologies, materials behaviour and accelerated ageing, and more.

Leitat is the Notified Inspection Body no. 0162, authorized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism for the performance of the Conformity Assessment (Marking EC) of Personal Protective Equipment according to the regulation 89/686/EEC, as well as quality control assessment of finished products (Article 11A) for personal protective equipment of category III, which offer protection against serious risk or danger.


Leitat Chile

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Leitat Chile aims to become a technological partner of reference for advanced materials, sustainability, renewable energies in Latin America for businesses and institutions. It aims to generate a corporate culture that allows sustainable growth and efficiency in acting. Its mission is to create sustainable value through research and technological processes based on technologies collaborating with businesses and research institutes in Chile. Its objectives are to foster innovation in the production systems for added-value products, internationalise R&D activities and create a talent ecosystem.


International Advanced Manufacturing 3D Hub


The IAM 3D Hub is a meeting point and a shared work center for private companies, public agents and research centres at local and international level. It aims to accelerate the adoption and development of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies as an alternative way to design, develop and manufacture new competitive products and services that strengthens their competitiveness. Defined as a Digital Innovation Hub in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, the Hub provides SMEs a “One-Stop” Shop to assess, guide and address all their needs in AM.