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Step2Sport published its video! Concrete measures and impacts for energy efficient buildings

The role of the Step2Sport project is to promote the energy renovation of sport facilities with the aim to achieve nearly zero energy buildings. This means to achieve a high energy performance by implementing energy efficiency measures in order to reduce the energy demand as much as possible and also implementing renewable energies.


Watch the project video!



Some energy improvement measures proposed by the project have been implemented to improve the comfort level of our subscribers.


Examples of measures:

  • Installation of stratified hot water storage tank connected to solar thermal system
  • Replacement of the natural gas boiler with a condensing boiler
  • Switch from traditional lamps to LED lamps
  • Refurbishment and automatization of pool dehumidifier
  • Variable speed drives to adjust motors speed
  • Implement software to monitor temperature and humidity
  • Installation of occupancy sensors
  • Insulation of the compensation tank of the pool
  • Replace gas boilers by biomass boiler
  • Replace R-22 with R-134A compressors for refrigerant systems



  • 22% of energy savings and 21% of natural gas savings meaning 22’000€ per year
  • 42% of thermal savings
  • Percentage of of energy demand covered by renewable energies increases from 3% to 61%
  • Annual savings of 50’000€/year
  • Reduction of 100 tons of Co2 emissions


More information on the project website!