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Revolutionising physical rehabilitation: DeNeCor video published!

The DeNeCor project has developed a robot that helps patients in the rehabilitation process through a personalised and fully controlled approach. It is a real breakthrough in the field of rehabilitation! Watch the video here:



The physical rehabilitation process often involves long term and intensive exercise training with the help of a specialised therapist. This results in high costs in terms of efforts and recovery time. A therapist can treat only one single patient at once and little objective data about the treatment can be obtained from the recovery process.


Robots are nowadays used in many occasions to enhance the rehabilitation process. They facilitate the work of the medical team and improve the results of the rehabilitation. The high precision and repeatability of their movements are remarkable. They allow accurate and quantifiable measurement of any physical change in the movement. However, current robots are designed for a specific exercise, which makes them very expensive.


The DeNeCor robot develops a new way for the rehabilitation of patients and athletes by going further in the treatment personalisation. DeNeCor develops a standard and universal robotic platform in order to reduce the costs drastically.


The DeNeCor robot can memorise a precise movement, adjust its force, make a passive movement by accompanying the patient with an adjustable speed, or even make an active movement by driving the patient’s body part. The robot is capable of providing large amount of accurate data on the force, the position, the speed, and the time about the patient’s rehabilitation process.


Beside the rehabilitation, DeNeCor could take one more step and apply its function to the performance improvement. LEITAT will supply a robot that could enhance the capacity of athletes. .


Thanks to a truly personalised approach, the DeNeCor robot can be setup to work out only specific body parts in order to improve their capacity. The information generated can be then transmitted to the therapist for a better monitoring and improve the recovery time.


Another application of the DeNeCor robot could become a smart fitness system including gamification with precise health and fitness information.