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Review of the Final Conference of demEAUmed: pre-market technologies for water reuse

The demEAUmed Final Conference was held in Barcelona on the May 18th 2017. Results, benefits and opportunities of demEAUmed technologies in managing, treating and recycling water have been presented and discussed. Keynote speakers represened their vision and discussed demEAUmed results: Suez Environnement, CTM, the University of Girona, IVL, Robinson, the Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona, Melia Hotels International, the African Water Facility, and CEDEX.


One of the aims of the conference is to involve different stakeholders to demonstrate and promote innovative technologies to reduce the impact of tourism sector on the environment. Some of the presented technologies are at a pre-market stage that show a high potential. For more information, view the presentations here!


Find the final agenda of the event here.