MIDES Project exhibits at ISEB 2016 in Barcelona


ISEB-2016From the 1st to the 3rd of June 2016, the ISEB Conference will be held in Barcelona. ISEB stands for International Society for Environmental Biotechnologies and is one of the most important organisations in the field of biotechnologies. For this occasion, the MIDES project will have a booth to present its objectives. As it is at its very start, few results can be disseminated but it is a great occasion to raise awareness around MIDES and its innovation capacity.


If you want to meet our expert in biotechnologies at ISEB 2016 representing the MIDES project, do not hesitate to contact her.



Biotechnologies are nowadays very popular in the environmental sector to manage a wide range of polluted waters and soils, and wastes like urban and industrial wastewaters, landfill leachate, animal wastes, and sludges of organic origin. Moreover, biotechnologies are usually very appropriate for developing countries due to their low investment costs and easy operation. Basic research and innovation on biotechnologies will contribute to tackling humanity challenges such as climate change, chemical pollution, and the search for alternative fuels.


The ISEB is an interdisciplinary society of scientists and engineers and who have decided to join forces to promote environmental biotechnology. Since its beginning in 1992, ISEB has organized 9 conferences with delegates from more that 30 different countries. The 10th ISEB Conference to be held in Barcelona, and is a follow-up of the previous ones considering environmental biotechnology as the way to address environmental problems from a wide perspective.


The primary objective of the conference is to bring together scientists and practitioners to catalyse and advance scientific knowledge on environmental biotechnologies, and to present the most recent integrated technological innovations to face environmental problems.