MaBIC17: Metal Air Batteries congress organised by Albufera Energy Storage


MaBIC17: Metal Air Batteries: This congress organized by Albufera Energy Storage is aimed to create a meeting point between students, researchers and companies that are immersed in the world of the batteries, and more specifically in Metal-air systems. All aspects from the electrochemical level to technological applications will be presented and discussed.


Metal-air batteries are one of the most promising energy accumulators since they exhibit very high energy densities, volume and weight reduction and low cost. The main advantage over classic batteries is the use of oxygen in the positive electrode, coming free from the atmospheric air, which is an inexhaustible source, not limiting the capacity of the cell. The latter, makes the capacity of cell depend just of the capacity of a metallic anode which presents extremely high specific energy and energy density.


Metals like lithium (11140 Wh/kg), aluminium (8140 Wh/kg), magnesium (6460 Wh/kg), calcium (4180 Wh/kg), etc. present theoretical energy densities that could be able to compete against the nowadays most used energy source for propulsion, the gasoline (12200 Wh/kg theoretical; 2080 Wh/kg practical). In this sense, metal-air batteries are named to be the future traction energy sources, but also, for large and small scale applications, such as Grid support, laptops/smartphones, etc. Other metals like sodium, zinc or iron present lower specific energies but their low price, as well as high availability make them strategic materials for future anode developments.