LEITAT hosted the interim meeting of the ORF4AUTO project


LEITAT has hosted the interim (12 months) meeting of project ORF4AUTO in its facilities on 16th of December. 


ORF4AUTO project entitled New organic printable materials for large scale/low cost integrated RF systems onto automotive elements. The project is lead by Advanced Automotive Antennas  (Catalan industry), a technology company focus on automotive sector and includes 3 partners more. The project partnership is completed by Intrinsiq Materials (UK SME), University of Southampton (UK Higher Education) and LEITAT Technological Center (Catalan research organisation).


The main objective of the project consists of developing a suitable low cost and rapid printing technology for the integration of antennas (mainly for automotive safety applications) and passive electronic elements (resistors, capacitors, inductors) onto conventional automotive materials. The results will be a step forward in the manufacture of low cost and more flexible electronic circuits and devices, which will be applicable to other industrial sectors as consumer electronics, lighting/display, medical and military as well as direct application to automotive sector.


Group Picture 1_rORF4AUTO partners during the 3rd consortium meeting at LEITAT facilities (2013-12-16)


With the support of ACCIÓ and the European Union.

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