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HYPOSENS releases video: better detection of breast cancer metastasis

The HYPOSENS consortium is delighted to release the project video. In less than three minutes, you will understand how the project developed a new system for better detection of breast cancer metastasis.

Brief Summary

Our breakthrough research will focus on the development, pre-clinical and clinical validation, and industrial demonstration of a unique all optical cancer prognostic system that will determine presence of cancer cells in the breast lymph nodes and characterize them, which correlates with presence of metastasis and bad prognosis.

The HypoSens imaging system is strategically designed to offer a minimally invasive alternative to the SLNB process. With an approximate cost of €60,000 per device unit and additional €5,000 per patient, the device is an affordable, accurate, easy to use prognostic solution for clinicians towards, once validated,more accurate and fast diagnosis and personalised treatment options.


  • Low cost compact and easy to use device that accurately detects and measures luminescent signals through light scattering body tissue.
  • Need to break boundaries in specificity to target breast cancer tumours in SLN with specificity > 99%for micrometastes (0.2 mm).
  • Achieving high resolution and sensitivity >95% for in vivo minimally invasive diagnosis within real time.
  • Accurate measurement of dynamic cellular activity at molecular level without interfering with intracellular activities so as to allow long term observation and improve diagnostic outcomes.
  • Ensuring device design matches practical, social, economic and regulatory needs.