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HealthTECH World Cancer day: Smarter technologies to beat cancer

HealthTECH World Cancer Day is an event organized within the framework of World Cancer Day where the latest innovations in nanomedicine against cancer will be presented with topics ranging from early diagnosis, controlled release of drugs or radiotherapy with nanoparticles.

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During this day, experts in nanomedicine from different fields -researchers, businessmen, medical oncologists, health authorities, patients, etc.-, will present the latest advances and will give us the opportunity to discover the generator of progress that nanomedicine means for health as creator of new opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Dr. Francesc Mitjans, director of Health and Biomedicine at Leitat will participate to this event and share his views.

Initiated in 2013 under the name of NANO WORLD CANCER DAY, this event has been organized by the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) and is currently supported by the European NOBEL Project (Smarter HealthTech in Europe). In Spain it is organized by NANOMED Spain and it is carried out simultaneously in different countries throughout Europe.