Greening Books is one of the best LIFE projects in 2014


Our LIFE project GREENING BOOKS has been ranked as one of the best 22 Best LIFE Environment projects out of the 102 that finished and were evaluated in 2014. Nonetheless, the project is going to compete for the national 5 “Best of the Best” LIFE Environment projects, which will be announced in April.

The project in a nutshell:


GREENING BOOKS’ objective was to improve the environmental performance of the publishing sector, minimizing the environmental impacts of books and magazines.
The project aimed to integrate in a dynamic scheme, already existing tools such as Ecolabel, EMAS, Ecodesign, LCA and new technologies such as multi-calculating software, and at the same time, it involved different actors such as designers, raw material producers (paper and inks industry), printers, marketing agents, retailers/distributors and procurers.
GREENING BOOKS has developed an innovative instrument to provide procurers with information on the instrument on the environmental performance and carbon footprint of books and therefore desired to raise their awareness and increase their proactive role.

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