FERTIMANURE Project Releases its Video: Recovering Nutrients for Fertilisers


FERTIMANURE is a project dedicated to the innovative nutrient recovery from secondary sources for the production of high-added value FERTIlisers from animal MANURE.

The mission of the FERTIMANURE project is to provide innovative solutions (technology, end-products, and business models) that solve real issues, ie the manure challenge, and help farmers with the challenges that they are currently facing. FERTIMANURE will develop, integrate, test and validate innovative nutrient management strategies so as to efficiently recover and reuse nutrients and other products with agronomic value from manure, to ultimately obtain reliable and safe fertilisers that can compete in the EU fertiliser market.

FERTIMANURE focuses on “how to improve the agronomic use of recycled nutrients from livestock manure” to reconnect nutrient flows between crop production and the rearing of livestock.

The FERTIMANURE project will cover both technological and nutrient management approaches :

The technological side will be addressed with the implementation of 5 innovative & integrated on-farm experimental pilots for nutrient recovery in the most relevant European countries in terms of livestock production (Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands), whereas nutrient management will be addressed through 3 different strategies adapted to mixed and specialised farming systems:

Strategy #1 with on-farm production and use of bio-based fertilisers (BBF)(1) ,

Strategy #2 with on-farm BBF production and centralised tailor-made fertilisers (TMF)(2) production, and

Strategy #3 with on-farm TMF production and use.

(1) Bio-based fertilisers (BBF): Fertiliser products derived from renewable biomass-related resources. FERTIMANURE BBF products are fertilisers obtained directly on-farm from the innovative technologies for treating animal slurries and manures.

(2) Tailor-made fertilisers (TMF): Customised fertiliser formulations adapted to specific crop/soil needs. FERTIMANURE TMF will be produced by combining

(i) FERTIMANURE BBF and, if necessary,
(ii) supplementary products (mineral nutrients, micro and macro elements, biostimulants, etc.) directly provided by the fertiliser companies.

Expected Impacts :

  • Development of new technological approaches for a new generation of commercial, sustainable and safe fertilisers from livestock waste.
  • Replacement of conventional, non-renewable mineral fertilisers, reducing the high dependence that the EU currently has on external sources for the supply of key fertilisers used in agriculture, including natural gas and rock phosphate.
  • Reduction in the environmental impacts linked to the emissions and dispersion of nutrients present in waste flows, and/or to the production of fossil-based fertilisers.
  • Replication of the 5 experimental pilots in different contexts at the EU level, but also internationally, with the consequent expectation of encouraging new policies and initiatives in nutrient recycling and manure management.

In the long-term, FERTIMANURE will contribute to the development of new business models that are synergetic with other economic sectors and will, therefore, create wealth and high-quality jobs in rural areas.