EcoTexNano & SMARTPRO in press (Dornbirn MFC)


During the 53e edition of the Dornbirn Man-made Fibers Congress that was hold the 10-12 of september 2014 in Dornbirn, Austria, Marolda Brouta-Agnésa, researcher in the Advanced Materials Department of LEITAT has presented two talks entitled: Shear Thickening Materials for Protective Clothing and Functional Nanoparticles in Textile Finishing.


In the first one, she presented the action mode, application method and characterization techniques of dilatant materials for personal protective in reference to the SMARTPRO project. In the second talk, EcoTexNano project had been presented, it aims to develop an innovative tool to improve risk assessment and promote the safe use of nanomaterials in the textile finishing industry.

Those talks has been widely disseminated within various newspapers (in spanish) such as: PinkerModa , Noticiero Textil, Ediciones Sibila, and Diario de Terrassa (see photo).

EcoTexNano in press - Dornbirn