Development of new bisfenol A –free varnishes for metalic food packaging


The project develops new coating technologies for metals used in food packaging that are able to substitute the current epoxy varnishes derived from BPA. This new technology should fulfil the technical requirements derived from tis application as well as the ones of economic and environmental viability. In addition, it should fulfil the entire existing legislation in the field of food packaging to assure its commercialisation. The final objective is the industrialisation of new resins that will be used as a raw material for the industrial formulation of new varnishes for the metallographic industry.

Project Budget: 751’323 €

LEITAT Budget: 229’089 €

Financial Framework: RETOS COLABORACIÓN

Contract number: RTC-2014-2336-2

Start Date: 03/02/2014

End Date: 31/12/2017


Contact Manager: S. Nieva

Financiado por: FEDER/Ministerio de Ciencia,Innovación y Universidades – Agencia Estatal de Investigación/_Proyecto RTC-2014-2336-2

Objetivo Temático del Programa Operativo: Promover el desarrollo tecnológico, la innovación y una investigación de calidad.