How to add a banner into your email signature?


For special events or moments, it might be a good idea to insert a banner into your email signature. This is a good tool to help to disseminate an information across your network in a easy and cheap way.

The banner is just an image that you will insert in your signature. For that you need to modify your signature. Follow these 6 steps to do so.


1. Create a new message



2. Click on the Signature/Firma button screenshot-2


3. Click on the Signatures/Firmas button. I have already defined two types of signature for example an external (to people outside LEITAT) and internal signature.screenshot-3


4. Insert the banner which has to be an image (.jpg/.png format)screenshot-4


5. Select the image you just inserted and click on the hyperlink/hiperveinculo button so that people can directly access the webpage when clicking on the banner.screenshot-5


6. Put the hyperlink to the webpage you want people to go.screenshot-6


7. Click on Accept


Et voilà! If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact me!