The objective of the project is to introduce a new generation of micro-algal extracts addressed to health conscious consumers. The extracts will be of high purity produced with high-yield photo-bioreactors and will allow the European producers to gain a competitiveness advantage. The new technologies developed in this project will advance the technological level, as compared to the competitor areas of China and India, which apply low-cost obsolete technologies resulting in a reduced extract purity and safety. The European pharmaceutical and nutreaceutical industries require high-level purity and safety extract raw materials, which is not very easy to find on the market. Moreover, the indoor technology allows to steer the process towards the production of compounds with higher commercial interest.


LEITAT’s role in the project: Selection and characterization of compounds and dissemination of results


Number of Contract: RDNET10-1-0009


Coordinator: ENCO


Email LEITAT manager in charge: Raquel de Sousa Carreira


Starts: June 2010


Duration: 2 years




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