BASMATI Workshop: Novel Nanomaterials for Energy and Printing Applications




On the 23rd of November 2016, BASMATI project organises an industrial workshop in Barcelona. It gathers companies and research institutes from all over Europe working in the field of printed electronics, battery development and advanced materials. Speakers from the Organic Electronics Association, Leclanché, 3M, CEA, Varta and Umicore have already confirmed their attendance. More is still to come!


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The event is free and open to every person willing to meet and exchange with professionals working in this very innovative and promising sector.


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BASMATI addresses the development of active nanomaterial and electrochemical inks for printing technologies such as screen and inkjet printing. The ink formulations are tested on a case study through printing of a thin film battery. The general objective of the project is to scale-up the ink formulations to pilot line ensuring large volume fabrication of new products with improved properties for printing application.


Formulations are based on nanoparticles mixed with polymer binders, appropriate additives and solvents to meet the requirements for printing compatibility, without compromising the functional performance (e.g. conductivity or electrochemical behaviour) of the final printed layer. Especially, the challenges addressed in BASMATI tackles:

  • The control of nanoparticle sizes, size distribution and shape
  • The formulation of inks based on nanoparticles to achieve proper rheological (e.g. viscosity) and morphological (limited aggregates formation) properties
  • The compatibility of formulated inks with substrate (flexible polymer type), high throughput, high resolution printing technologies such as inkjet and screen printing: control of layers thinness and defects, reproducibility and reliability of process.